Daniel Cooley

I work in the semiconductor industry and am passionate about securely connecting the planet’s embedded systems to the internet. I enjoy mentoring the next generation of technology leaders and embrace our industry’s commitment to driving change in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • 5 Decades of Technology: Digital, Internet, Cloud, AI, and Quantum
  • 20 Years of MCU Technology: Compute, Connect, Secure, Smart
  • Innovation: Insight, Tools, and Sweat
  • Going to the Dark Side: Transitioning from Engineering to Business Roles
  • Failing
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Privilege
  • Having it all…or not.
  • Options kill careers
  • On knowing your industry (and the history of semiconductors)
  • Following Your Passion…right off a cliff
  • How business works


Daniel Cooley, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, leads Silicon Labs’ overall strategy, corporate development, M&A, emerging markets, and security. He previously led Silicon Labs’ IoT business, most recently as SVP and General Manager. Under his leadership, the company has built an industry-leading portfolio of secure connectivity solutions, and the IoT business has grown to more than half of total revenue.

Daniel joined Silicon Labs in 2005 as a chip design engineer developing broadcast products such as AM/FM radios and short-range wireless devices. Over the years, Daniel has served in various senior management, engineering and product management roles at the company’s Shenzhen, Singapore, Oslo and Austin sites. He has an MS in electrical engineering from Stanford University and a BS in electrical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and holds four patents in radio and low-power technology.

Daniel currently serves on the board of directors for the Thinkery, Texas 4000, and the Texas Crew Foundation. He lives in Austin with his wife and three boys.

To get in touch, contact me at: daniel[at]danielcooley[dot]org.